We’ve just launched our alpha V0.2
Pyxis is a 4th factor blockchain based authentication. Distributed secrets for a distributed world.
  • Secure secret sharing between multiple users and devices
  • On-chain secret generation with Pyxis Blockchain
  • Deterministic rotating secrets
  • Public and private blockchain based logging
  • Secure secret destruction and revokation
  • Multi-party authentication
  • Trustless blockchain acknowledgement and logging
  • Data encryption and fine grained access control
  • Secure hot/cold cryptocurrency wallet
  • A hardware wallet in everyone's pocket
Available for download soon
1,459 people have signed up to PYX so far.
Pyxis blockchain is a natural evolution forward in secret management for both individuals and eterprises alike. With Pyxis Blockchain and Services users can generate trustless sharded secrets for multi-party, device, or machine access to services of any kind. Sharded secrets allow for greater security and far less chance of secrets being leaked.
Data can be encrypted on-chain and recovered by multiple combined authentication methods with secure logging and a reporting API allowing third party guarantees their data is safe and only accessed when necessary.
How Pyxis currently Employs Blockchain
Pyxis has an end goal of being 90-100% blockchain based. With the work towards Pyxis Blockchain steps will be taken to put as much of the burden on a distributed encrypted chain as possible. Pyxis does leverage many blockchain features including but not limited to: Smart contracts in conjunction with IPFS will be used for Ledger storage, Pyxis Multi-Party Approval Process, Escrow, Multi-party Pyxis Wallets, Pyx Voting systems, Unison API, and Time locking of assets.
why 4 factor authentication?
Blockchain based fourth factor authentication service and wallet allowing users to securely authenticate services and secure funds across multiple users directly from a mobile device using blockchain as an encrypted ledger.
Pyxis gives every user a hardware wallet right on their phone with advanced encryption techniques and shared secure secrets.
  • Time Locking of Assets
  • Multi Party Approvals
  • Multi Signature Wallets for all currency types
  • Secure Multi Factor Encrypted Key Storage
  • Secure On-device Key Generation
  • Cold Wallet Spending
  • Pyxis Mission:
    Pyxis is an app ecosystem allowing users to have secure confidence in distributed management of secrets for wallets, social media services, logins, and third party offerings.
    Philosophy and Vision:
    Pyxis is primarily aimed at trustless privacy and security for all. The long term vision is for a distributed secret-share that any and all may use and for password and passwordless authentication and 4th factor authentication. Pyxis will allow 3rd party application developers to authenticate with Pyxis blockchain and 4th factor services.
    To prioritize what we work on, we've outlined the product roadmap below.
    This roadmap is a rough estimate on what we're focused on building in the near, medium, and long term. New assets are continually listed on the exchange and don't appear below.
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